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"Turnkey did a great job of reworking our design and building a fine home."
– Property Associates, West University

"Turnkey helped us build the home we dreamed of, yet stayed within our budget."
– Dr. B, Champions



Turnkey’s design work starts with a full understanding of each project as well as the owner’s business plan needs. All designs are created by our in-house team for quick and efficient project integration. We can provide licensed architectural plans in over 25 states and MEP Engineering in over 10 states. Our design expertise Includes:

  • Site planning
  • ADA requirements
  • Specific operational needs
  • Budget consideration
  • Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP) requirements
  • Knowledge of permitting criteria

The Design Process

Turnkey Design

The process begins with an initial consultation where we explore preliminary site restrictions, project size and scope, construction cost budget, and schedule. Using the knowledge gained from the initial consultation, we then clarify the goals of the project and use our construction experience to provide a ballpark price. This allows the owner to make sure his vision fits his budget. It can also be used to verify bank financing, without the costly expense of completed plans that have to be redone, at the expense of the owner, when they don’t fit the budget. In the schematic design step we create a working and efficient floor plan that is tailor-made to achieve the project criteria. Through a series of work sessions, we refine the functional requirements of your project. Then we move on to the esthetics, the mechanicals, and details to create a comprehensive set of drawings that can be used to bid, permit and build your project.