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Choice Overload: Materials, Construction Options and Costs

Join Al & Jennifer as they go through the material hot topics, and identify and outline material and construction needs for new builds, remodels, and expansions. The supply chain has impacted availability, cost, and timelines substantially in the post-pandemic era. They will discuss the opportunity as well as pros and cons associated with the vast choices of flooring, enclosures, turf, ventilation, sanitation, and much more. With this seminar, you will gain the tools necessary to prioritize pet health, maintain visual appeal, and work within your budget! 

More Bang for your Buck with Cats & Puppies

You don’t have to be a cat whisperer or a dog trainer to successfully care for these two highly profitable and often overlooked revenue streams. In this seminar, Suzanne and Jennifer will dig into the benefits of adding cat lodging and/or a puppy program to your facility. You will gain the tools needed to navigate through potential barriers to success and walk away with a clear operational plan to provide consistent, quality care that will add to your bottom line. 

This is a Career! Leveraging Paths to Advancement in Well Pet Care

Staff recruiting and retention is a global topic for businesses- both inside and outside of pet care. Shifting your own perceptions of the positions you offer and mindfully communicating clear paths to advancement will attract stellar candidates. It is time to stop thinking of pet care positions as “entry-level” and instead as professional positions that team members can and should, make a career out of. Engage your existing team members and strengthen your clients’ satisfaction! Learning objectives include: shifting the perception of technician positions from labor to skilled career paths; developing and communicating clear paths to advancement for team members at all levels, and marketing the investment you make in your team to potential employees and clientele.